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At PWAN Stars, we are committed to bringing the best real estate information to guide you in making the right investment and home ownership decisions. When it comes to buying an apartment from real estate firms like PWAN Stars, there are different finishing types available and which can be confusing for a lay man.

However, knowing the details of each can make all the difference when it comes to determining how much you are willing to spend on your future home. In this week’s newsletter, we take you through the difference between the home finishing types typically offered by real estate firms: The Semi-finished, and fully finished Apartments.

Semi-Finished Apartments

A semi-finished home is one that is in an unfinished form, which is however easily workable into a finished product. It is one that still requires basic additions such as basic electricity, plumbing, plastering, entrance doors and glass windows fittings, amongst others.

Buying a semi-finished apartment gives you the benefit of finishing it to your taste. You are able to design it into your choice and even alter existing structure to your taste.  

Another benefit of the semi-finished option is that it is more budget friendly than the fully completed option and it allows you the convenience of finishing up your house at your convenience.

Fully Finished Apartment

A fully finished home is a home that is ready to move into – this is the most liveable level of finishing and the most attractive offering for most people as it requires less budget to finish the home yourself. A fully finished home will typically be delivered with all the major fittings such as doors, floor tiles, painting, window shutters etc.

Apart from furnishing, no further construction or additions may be required other than for you to move in.

The major benefit of buying this option include being able to simply move in.

Now that you know the difference, you can make a choice based on several factors such as availability of funds, urgency of need, preference for personalization, etc. 

At PWAN Stars, our product range covers both semi-finished and fully completed apartments to suit your preference.