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Hello there, it’s 29th April, meaning there are just two days left for April 2022 to become history and make way for May, 2022. It’s been one bumper ride so far this year and we hope you are making progress with your financial and investment goals.

This week, lets talk about the fifth and sixth lessons from the Richest Man in Babylon to round-off the series that we started earlier in the month.

Rule 5 says: Own a home 

There is wisdom in a man or woman owning his/her own house after some years of hardwork, right? Arkad, the richest man in the city encourages the people to make profitable investments by building their own houses.

“Make your dwelling place a profitable investment”, says Arkad. Owning your own home increases the amount of money to be set aside since you save on rent. There are huge benefits to owning a house and we will explore them in subsequent editions.

Rule 6: Insure your future income 

A good investment is one that carries the least amount of risk and is able to yield for a long term. When you grow old, the ability to work and earn money is diminished,  hence the need to insure your future income. In order words,  make preparations for your family’s future by making the right investments today.

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