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It’s always an exciting experience moving into newly bought or rented apartment, one that every member of the family relishes. From the clean walls to the new appliances and even the smell of new furniture, it’s easy for look forward to spending the next several years of your life in that new place.

However, keeping your home in the same beautiful condition as it was on that first day is very important to elongate the lifespan of the house and ensure it maintains its beauty and appeal for a long time to come. Doing this however requires that you constantly take care of the house, which can be challenging, especially for many first-time home owners.

Without necessarily resorting to the help of technicians or engineers to carry out repairs on the house, there are simple, everyday things that members of the family can do to maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable environment in the home and the surrounding.

Here are tips to maintain your house and keep it young for a long time:

1. De-clutter your home

This simply means putting things neatly and well-arranged in the places that they should be in other to create more spaces and make your home for friendly to live in.

Clearing the clutter is a simple task that you or any member of the family should carry out from time to time as having clutter can quickly turn a very spacious and pleasant space into a mess. When you arrange the house neatly by putting used things in their respective places, you save yourself a lot of stress. But if your home is already messed up, you can do your decluttering in stages. In fact, you can make a “declutter your home checklist” to prioritize clutter areas. Focus on one room, or even one zone within a room (e.g., kitchen cabinets), at a time. And complete each job fully before moving on to the next space.

While doing so:

Put away items that have crept out of their designated storage spaces such as toys;

Fix/mend items that need fixing before they’re put away, such as a shirt with a missing button or woen out zips;

Trash unwanted items to throw away in the household trash;

Give out items that you don’t need again but which are still in good condition.

2. Clean the home regularly

A clean home is an irresistible place to be any day. And no matter how old or new a house is, if it’s clean, then it’s a great place to be. However, it’s takes conscious effort to keep your house clean and sparkling all the time.

By using simple products and techniques, you can keep the house clean and fresh giving you the ability to identify any faults and damages such as scratches, stains, scrapes and chips among others. As a result, you can make timely repairs and avoid any further damage that could be fatal.

When cleaning home appliances, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.  Understanding them and applying the same during the routine maintenance allows you to take proper care of the equipment and avoids damages. This, in turn, gives you a longer service time with the appliances because they last longer. The costs of repairs will also significantly reduce, and you will also save money because you don’t need to make purchases every other time.

3. Carry out frequent repairs

Houses like other human inventions obey the law of wear and tear. No matter how careful you are, you will experience damages at one point in the home. When such damages are left to get worse, the quality and value of the house is left to be affected over a period of time.

 Damages however little they are, can be an eyesore. When they occur, it is prudent to handle them as soon as possible.

Some repairs can be expensive as a result of delayed response. Undertaking minor repairs can, therefore, avert the need to carry out expensive investment. A leak in the roof for example, can undergo repairs before the situation escalates.  In case you don’t fix the issues, it may get to a point where you will need to rebuild an entire wall.

4. Carry out periodic maintenance of building

With changing weather conditions and wear and tear, the house generally requires some periodic maintenance. This could be done monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Monthly maintenance could include cleaning the garbage disposal, checking the HVAC filters, amongst others. Quarterly, you should flush unused toilets, test smoke detectors if available, test water heater, fumigate the house, and wash outside window. Annually, clean the gutters and check outside drainage, clear away plants and shrubs in the surrounding, service air conditioners and repaint the house.