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PWAN Stars is a property development and management company founded on the premise of reducing the housing gap in Nigeria, by providing its citizens with comfortable yet affordable residential and commercial real estate solutions.

The company was birthed with the union of mind of several professionals within and outside the real estate industry. The pillars upon which the company stands are founded in the acronym STARS as detailed below:

Our Mission

To deliver affordable housing solutions in a seamless, efficient and effective manner to the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders

Our Vision

To make home ownership dreams a reality for Nigerians.


We will put service above self at all times. We believe our clients are our biggest asset and without them we are not in business; therefore we will place efficient, courteous and effective service as top priority in our daily dealings. We pledge to serve our clients diligently and would stop at nothing to ensure that they are satisfied at all times.


Businesses are built on integrity, honesty and most importantly Trust. We would continue to fuel or trust reservoirs as we believe that this is the foundation upon which we can build a sustainable business to the benefit of all our stakeholders. This trust relationship will never be compromised, regardless of the prevailing circumstances or situations.


As a firm we will remain accountable to all our stakeholders regarding decisions, actions, policies and outcomes. We understand the importance of transparency and responsibility and we will continually uphold this as a key virtue in our relationships.


Ultimately we will be judged on our results. While acknowledging our imperfections, we will give over 100% to ensure we deliver results that meet, if not exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, especially clients. We will not make empty promises but ensure that at all times, our results are fully in sync with our promises.


Clients want to rest assured that their investments and safe and secure. We will therefore not compromise on our responsibility to provide utmost security and peace of mind to our clients. Comprehensive due diligence will always be a minimum requirement for any business dealings.

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